Scientific Editing

Scientific editing

Your readers—whether they are funders, journal editors, colleagues, or journalists—judge your research on the quality of your writing.


Scholarly journal editors report rejecting an increasing number of articles due to language. Peer-reviewers report less time than ever to review articles. Authors who assume journals will edit their article after submission typically overestimate the editorial staff and underestimate the amount of editing their article requires.

Invest in professional editing and allow your science to shine.

I offer three basic levels of editing: Standard, Plus, and Premium. The following table summarizes the coverage of each service:




Mechanical Editing

(Consistency to spelling, numerals, punctuation, hyphenation, etc.)

Stylistic Editing

(Grammar, word choice, diction, syntax, etc.)

Style Sheet

(Tracks style decisions to reinforce consistency)

English Language Learning Editing

(Includes instruction in addition to corrections)

 N/A  N/A
Substantive Editing

(Content-level clarity, logical order, flow, tone)

Limited Limited

(Cross-check citations with reference list; conform to publisher’s style)

Optional Optional
Tables, Graphs, Figures

(Mechanical and language editing)

Optional Optional

(Round = Editor edits document in full and then returns to author for review)

Two Two Three

All three services include a copyediting level of editing, so it assumes your draft is at least 95% complete.

Authors who wish to polish their text prefer the Standard service. Corrections in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style are made via Word’s Tracked Changes. Solutions to sentence structure problems will be noted in comments. A style sheet is created to build consistency and reinforce adherence to a specific style guide. This service is similar to a medium copyedit.

English-as-a-Second-Language (ESL) authors who wish to improve their English-language writing prefer the Plus service. Plus includes everything of the Standard service, as well as an additional instruction component. Each correction includes a comment explaining the rules behind the correction, so writers can learn from each mistake.

For either service above, tables, figures, graphs, in-text citations, and/or references can be added for an extra fee.

Authors who wish for more extensive editor assistance, such as suggestions in content- or structural-level, prefer the Premium service. This service includes everything in Standard service, as well as suggested changes in logical organization, clarity of content, and tone. It also includes an additional round of revision. Please note, I offer this service only for select subject areas (denoted by * below).





·  Biochemistry*

·  Cell biology

·  Environmental

·  Microbiology

·  Molecular biology

·  Physiology

·  Zoology

·  Cardiology

·  Endocrinology*

·  Immunology

·  Maternal/Infant Health*

·  Nutrition/Metabolism*

·  Pharmacology

·  Veterinary

·  Agriculture

·  Child nutrition*

·  Food safety

·  Health promotion*

·  Healthy People 2020*

·  Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)*

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