Media Consulting


Often, my clients find that their projects require more long-term planning. Your research can benefit from the development and execution of a long-term science communication plan.


I accommodate these needs by offering ongoing consulting in three areas:

  • Public Speaking Training
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Public Relations Training

Public Speaking Training

Science needs better public speakers. We often think if we’ve explained our science in writing, we can present it. In reality, the spoken word is very different than the written word.

Good public speaking requires a separate set of skills. Even after you’ve acquired them, a good presentation takes extensive practice and preparation. By preparing with a speech consultant, you can craft a presentation that keeps your audience engaged and informed.

I offer individual and group trainings.

Social Media Strategy

The majority of the American public now gets their news through social media. What does this mean for scientists and healthcare professionals? If you lack a presence on social media, you’re missing out on opportunities to engage the public every day.

But without focus, social media can also quickly become a time-wasting distraction. By developing a social media strategy,  you can use these platforms to your advantage, getting your science out there to reach new audiences.

Public Relations Training

Reporters call you to explain your science for an article. Camera crews come to your lab to interview you on a new breakthrough. What will you say? What will audiences hear? What will they remember about your work?

By preparing before your science hits the press, you can use this opportunity to maximize your impact.

UPDATE (August 2016): At this time, I am not available to take on new clients for consulting services.

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